“Communicate with Competence”

Skillhancer is all about getting the skills you need to succeed in the work you want to do. Some jobs require specific technical skills and specific education, acculturating your need to know what is required for kind of work you want. There are other skills that are important no matter what kind of work you want to do. Good customer service combines a number of skills that are not regularly practiced in the present environment due to the nature of the institutionalization. Many of these skills have been covered in the prior soft skills trainings but we forget to implement them in our daily life.

Every person would like to have a successful career. But the billion dollar question -What is the secret of Successful Career? It is how one understands Goal and then taking the path towards the Goal. It is imperative that Path to Successful Career depends how well we make our self-equipped with required Skills and Knowledge as per the market requirement. Both Skill and Knowledge need continuous updating as we start moving towards our Goal.

The more highly qualified people, the more likely they are to participate in learning activities. However, people also tend to do less lifelong learning as they grow older, irrespective of their qualification levels. As a serious obstacle to competitiveness in industry, professional development not only encourages employers to promote skills development through the workplace as an active learning and working environment also.

Our Education system is really good at providing us the basic fundamentals of a subject, but it does not help us in enhancing skills as per the industry standards. A person will become a perfect match for a job if he has got both Fundamentals and Skills. Competition has increased many folds in every sector. Every year 15 million people enter the country’s job market. It is clear understanding of goal and focus on Enhancing skills and knowledge required for the job, which will differentiate a successful person from others. People from all Industry; Functional, Technical and HR understand every Skill requirement for job mapping for functional as well as soft skills too.


Why Dyaus?

Dyaus Infotech provides a planned and structured approach to all types of employees to meet the needs of an organisation. Workplace skills plan can successively provide organisation with an opportunity to discover talents and skills that they did not necessarily know already exist within their human resources as complement.


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